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Terms - please read the fine print...

Confirming the booking is accepting the Terms.

Bookings are confirmed with an initial deposit payment of a non-refundable 25% deposit to confirm the dates.

Balance payment is non-refundable and due 150 days prior to the tour date to keep the dates. Timely payments are the guest’s/agent’s responsibility. Reservations not adhering to the policy will be canceled without notice or refund.
Bank fees are not included. Credit card and wire transfers are exchanged into Tongan Pa'anga (TOP) at the local Tongan bank’s rate and then the bank fees are added. Payments can be made by Visa or MC with a 4.167% bank fee, by International Wire Transfer with a $20 bank fee. Please reference your name and invoice number.

It is the responsibility of the guest/agent to confirm with us in writing all food allergies, dietary requirements, wetsuits needed and sizes (S,M,L,XL), and snorkel gear needed and sizes (S/M, M/L) at the time of booking.

Please come prepared for seasickness if you might get it as the boat may be going off shore. All guests on board must be confident swimmers and be able to climb a ladder under their own power to get out of the water and onto the boat. All guests are required to listen to and follow all instructions from the Guide and Skipper. Young children are not allowed to swim and are only allowed on the boat by advance arrangement with management at the time of booking and if they remain accompanied by an adult on board with them at all times and listen to the Skipper and Guide Crew instructions. The Skipper makes all final decisions for the safety of the whales, the boat and of everyone on board. 

Cancellation Policy - We enjoy being off-the-beaten-path here in Vava'u, but we have a very short "high-season" and therefore require a strict cancellation policy in order to remain sustainable. We appreciate your understanding.
– Cancellations 150+ days prior to check in forfeit any deposit and installment payments.
– Cancellations 150 or fewer days of check in and no-shows forfeit 100% of the invoice. Agents and Group Leaders are responsible for completing the booking.
– Cancellation policy applies to situations beyond your/our control, including but not limited to ill health, inclement weather, airline strikes, flight cancellations/delays, border closures, pandemics, etc.
– Bookings may be transferred to another person that the guest finds, minus the 25% booking deposit.
– All cancellations by agent or guest must be notified in writing by email. Credit card and bank service fees are non-refundable and are applicable to cancellation of confirmed reservations.

– South Pacific Sea Adventures, Ltd., aka Explore Vava’u, Flying Coconut, Ltd., and Fetoko Adventures, Ltd. aka TradeWinds Mandala Resort are not responsible for scheduled flight, ferry or any third party transportation cancellations or border closures. Appropriate travel cancellation and medical insurance is highly recommended.

By confirming the booking you agree to hold harmless and release from any liability Fetoko Adventures, Ltd., aka TradeWinds Mandala Resort, Flying Coconut, Ltd, South Pacific Sea Adventures, Ltd., aka Explore Vava’u and all of its owners, employees, shareholders, entities and associates.

Confirming the booking is accepting the Terms.

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