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Come Aboard & Whale Watch & Swim With Us...

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We Love Whales!


Come join us aboard one of our 2 boats for private or shared whale watch and swim charters with all the gear you need, lunch & snacks, and our professional, licensed, and conservation-minded skipper & guide crew. 

Our Vessels...

Our 9-meter boats are both fast, twin-engine and purpose-built with observation deck, sunshade, toilet, easy access in and out of the water, and licensed experienced crew.


Enjoy a nice lunch, coffee/tea/water, snorkel gear if you don't have your own, shorty wetsuit, and a hooded neoprene jacket to wear while board if needed.  

Shared charters take a maximum of 8 guests on board. Shared and private charters swim in groups of 4 guests at any one time with our licensed guide.

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Luminescence n.

Spontaneous emission of light as a result of the excitation of atoms by energy other than heat. Bioluminescence, fluorescence, and phosphorescence are examples of luminescence that can be produced by biological or chemical process. 

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Emersion n.

The act of emerging; emergence. The time of reappearance: as in, the emersion of a whale from the depths of the water, the emersion of a whale tail from the water's surface. Chiefly used in contrast with immersion.

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